courtesy of Danielle Hanson
First Parish Choir


Music at First Parish

Our Sunday services feature a wide variety of music including classical instrumental works, traditional church hymns, folk songs, and contemporary music from many genres. Our historic pipe organ is played at each service by our resident organist, Janna Bruene. Our congregation is blessed with many talented individuals, and we often feature anthems written and/or performed by members of our church.

Check out our weekly newsletter for an advance glance at this week’s hymns!


Led by Music Director Miranda Lennox, First Parish Choir and First Parish Children’s Choir contribute their gifts to our usual worship each month, in addition to providing special music for holiday services such as Christmas, Easter, and Martin Luther King Day. Both groups rehearse weekly on Saturday afternoons. Everyone with a desire to sing is welcome in choir, although we encourage children to wait until age 4 to join. For more information about our music program, including the choirs, please email