Sarah McDonald

My Story

First Parish is a welcoming space for me and my family to explore the spiritual aspects of our lives. It’s connected me to so many people who share my values and rooted me in the local community. The people here really care, about each other, about social justice, and about our community.

When we moved to the area, we had a baby on the way and were looking for a liberal faith community, a place that would help us take time out each week to reconnect with what’s most important. We found First Parish in Malden and immediately appreciated the kid-friendly, outgoing community. Even though we had only recently joined, when my son was born people brought us meals, donated clothes, and were a big help through the first few months.

Our church has people of all ages, and a booming religious education program. I can’t wait for my son to be old enough to take advantage of the Spirit Play class! I appreciate being a part of a congregation that has such a rich history, serving Malden for generations. But it’s also a place where people are willing to be flexible, try new things and take risks together to find the right way to live out our tradition and our values in the world we live in today.