What We Offer Through the Lifespan


A primary purpose of religion and religious exploration is to nurture all that is right and good in us, and to help us to grow into our best selves. We believe that religious exploration grounds us in our values, bonds us together in community, teaches what our souls need to know, and inspires us to bring more peace, justice, and love into the world. We believe that spiritual nurturing and learning is a lifelong process. We offer classes for all ages that are thematically focused and sourced in our Unitarian Universalist principles.

Our religious educator and minister lead many of our congregations’ lifespan programs. Parents and other members of the congregation often lead them, too. Teaching can be a very fulfilling way to deepen one’s own faith.


Why bring my child for Religious Exploration

  • To support them in the development of their faith.
  • To create openings for deep spiritual experience
  • To encourage the exploration of moral decision making
  • To raise awareness of social justice and environmental issues
  • To promote acceptance and religious literacy by acquainting children with multiple faith traditions
  • To teach the heritage principles and values of Unitarian Universalism
  • To spark an appreciation of life, and become a doer.

We invite you to explore these pages and contact our Director of Religious Education. to get connected.