Board of Trustees

Board President – Heather Vickery

Members – Jamie Gorton (Vice President), Sarah Boswell (Secretary), Sarah McDonald, Gina Hart, Gweneth McKinney, Rob Chase, Sarah McDonald, Nathan Levesque

Financial Secretary

Barbara Durgin


Gweneth McKinney


Ellie Vining

Committee, Team, and Task Force Chairs

Finance – Gweneth McKinney

Building and Grounds – Barbara Durgin & Therese Perkins

Religious Education – Cary LaLonde

Outreach and Membership – Stacey Gilchrist

Nominating – Yolanda Scott

Social Justice – Rachel Groton

Worship – Aisha Cruse

Music – Yolanda Scott

Hospitality – Karen Lynch

Pastoral Care – Rob Chase

Information Technology – Nathan Levesque

Bylaw Review – Dee Campbell Thompkins

Human Resources – Christian Snook